The  Funkmothers

Albert O. Mair analog keys
Mathias Lang guitar
Harald Berger  bass
Mario Lackner drums

wake up



Jazz-rock band

Concept: suite-like jazz-rock with brilliant solo passages combined with electronic styles of the 90s in form of live interpreted ambient and jungle grooves.
Their legendary live album was recorded in the Viennese jazz club "Porgy & Bess" in 1997. The 14 works of Mair, Lang and Sarne were developed between 1986 and 1996. Since founded in 1989 Manfred Sarne, Stefan Wessel, Alexander Lackner (b) und Richard Halbemmer (dr) also belong to the ensemble. Guest musicians: Lorenz Raab (tp), Martin Fuss, Jürgen Jagfeld (sax).

(Newspaper) AZ, 15 June 1991, Popodrom final (1st prize audience, 2nd prize jury): "The fourth and by far the most interesting finalist comes from a totally different world: the "Funkmothers" play their instrumental funk-jazz mixture, interlarded with witty breaks, with rousing dynamics and, in their young unspoiled way, with unbelievable precision."

CD "live"