primary rocks multimedia improvisation & performance

#1 (ORF, live 01)

#2 evolution (porgy & bess, live 00)

#3 album-collage (studio 00)

#4 poetry (live 02)
CD "mair feat. raab"   


albert o. mair piano, moog synthesizer, sounds, voice, recorder
alexandra regenfelder dance, voice
lorenz raab trumpet, fluegelhorn

Just as the seasons and elements find their various expressions in nature, so, too, music, dance, images and language are at the fundamental core of communicating the art of the present. primary rocks seeks to link the relationship people have with the cycles of nature and untouched landscapes in the form of multi-disciplinary artistic improvisation. At the same time, one should be stimulated to reflect on the position of a naked being on this earth and that in the end, this being -- furnished with a magnificent environment in a great living cycle of nature -- is worth the same with or without any material possessions. At "", photographs have been created that serve as a leitmotif for improvisation in performance. Musically set among romantic, jazz and contemporary music, the forces of nature are fathomed in suite-type episodes. Via selected sound backdrops, electronic components also come into play with a discreet accompanying function.

Regenfelder: The underlying motives of my artistic work are spontaneity, playfulness and authenticity. Emotionality is my framework for discussion, using the gestures of different aesthetics. Christina Frotschnig dresses the artist in creations made from jeans and recycled skins. The contrast of materials and the succinct asymmetries make their relationship to the subject clear.

guest partners: Erika Wurzenrainer: poetry (#4), Mario Lackner: drums, Harry Regenfelder: violin.

CD "mair feat. raab"

(live performance, 2003, porgy & bess)